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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Turbo C++ For Windows7

        Hi viewers, have problem with C/C++ in windows7 for full screen?There are some software like Dos-Box for solve this problem but we have to set path and run C/C++ along with the Dos-Box.
Here the following turbo C++ software look after all these burdens.Just install it and use it.
Just Click On the link i have given below and install it.
Friends if you want to do C programs you can also compile and run the C programs

in this C++ compiler.Because C++ supports Both C & C++ Programs.

Download the Turbo C++ software CLICK HERE
Some Points:
1.For Minimize and Maximizing alt+enter.
2.For exit alt+X
3.After exit this we have to close another window of Dos-Box by typing EXIT