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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to book tatkal ticket faster in IRCTC

Hi friends are you want to do tatkal tickets booking faster? Then here is a solution provided by IRCTC. You can save your passengers list in IRCTC site and u can import them while you are booking tatkal/general ticket.It is easy to use and make your work simple while you are booking tickets in IRCTC.The main features of this facility are
  • You can save passengers list using Master List
  • You can save travel list with a name using Travel List
  • You can save favourite journy with a name using Favourite journey List
So You can follow the below steps to do that("Click on the images for better view")
  1. Login to your IRCTC account and click on My Profile in that click on Master List
  2. Fill the details of the passenger and click on Add PassengerYou can keep on adding as many passenger you want
  3. Now Click on Plan My Journey and give the details and submit
  4. Now after clicking on the Book Now option You can find the following window the click on select passengers of the master list
  5. Now select the passengers for whom do you want to book a ticket
It will retrieve all the passenger that you clicked in the above window and you can use the master list when ever you want
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