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  • Name : Raja K
  • Current status : M.Tech in Information Technology in Hyderabad Central University and Doing one year project on "Spatial Analytic" and "Game Theory" at Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT)
  • Previous Education : Completed Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science in Aditya Institute of Technology and Management for JNTU kakinada university.
  • Software Proficiency :
    • Programming languages : Java, C
    • Scripting : Python
    • Data Base : MySQL
    • Web Technology : ASP.Net, HTML,XML
    • Networks : Mininet
    • Data Mining : Knime, Sci-kit
    • Other Tools : Quantum GIS
  • Projects :
    • ATM location(Currently doing) :Establishment and maintenance of ATM machines involves capital and operational costs. So it is necessary to optimize their location to reduce the overall costs and banking services. Location becomes even more complex because of interoperability of ATM transactions. This work will develop quantitative models to improve location of ATM machines.
    • Performance Analysis of Open vSwitch under Congestion:(1-04-2014 to 31-05-2014) : I describe the results of our experiment to determine the performance of Open vSwitch under conditions of congestion. We created four compute nodes on Mininet with each compute node having four VMs each. The VMs within a compute node and the four compute nodes are all connected using Open vSwitch. We generated a lot of traffic between VMs using iperf and determined at what level of traffic Open vSwitch saturates leading to a drastic drop in throughput. We found that the Open vSwitch will saturate if the traffic generated at 1.7Gbps.
    • Credit Scoring System(01-03-2014 to 31-03-2014 ) :Credit scoring can be defined as a technique that helps credit providers decide Whether to grant credit to consumers or customers. Its increasing importance can be seen from the growing popularity and application of credit scoring in consumer credit. There are advantages not only to construct effective credit scoring models to help improve the bottom-line of credit providers, but also to combine models to yield a better performing combined model. This paper has two objectives. First, it illustrates the use of data mining techniques to construct credit scoring models. Second, it illustrates the combination of credit scoring models to give a superior final model.
    • Optimal Search Engine(01-08-2013 to 30-10-2013) : Using this search engine we can search our key word (1)In the files which are located in our personal computer (2)In the websites. We have developed web crawl algorithm. It gives better search results. This search engine maintains the previously searched results in our database. This feature, I have implemented using indexing with the help of apache LUCENE package.

  • Interests : Designing website and applications
  • Hobbies : Posting on my blog ,Playing chess and volleyball
  • Contact Info :
    • Email:
    • Phone : 9502222164
  • Links :

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