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Friday, September 17, 2010

Recover The Deleted Files

Have you deleted some important files..?Then how to retrieve back..?
Here is the process to restore the deleted data...

If deleted simply by pressing 'del' the you can get in recyclebin..
But if you deleted using shift+del then you can't get the deleted data from recyclebin.
In that case if you want to retrieve the data then you must use the following software.

Recurva 1.38.504 click here to DOWNLOAD
After installing the software the procedure for retrieve the data.
1.Download Recuva .It is a freeware utility.
2.Install Recuva and it will ask what sort of file you want to recover.Example pictures,movies.Now select the drive.

3.It will scan and show you all the files that have been deleted from that particular drive.

4.After completion of the drive is complete it will show two types of files.
  • Those with green icons can be recovered.
  • Those with red icons cannot be recovered easily.
5.Right click on the file to be recovered and select Recover Highlighted and your file will be recovered.

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