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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Protect Your Zip File With Password

         Winrar is good software for compressing or archive files like rar,zip etc.If you want to protect your zip file you can put a password to the zip file when ever anyone wants to open the file or extract the file it'll ask the password.
So you can protect your files by using following steps.

1.Right click on the folder/file which has to be  Password Protected and select ADD to Archive option.
2.From the pop up window select the Advanced Tab.
3.  Now click on the Set Password.
4.  Enter and Verify your Password (Use both Alphabets and Numeric words to make a strong Password).
5. Now a new compressed file will be generated at the same location of your original file
6.Now whenever somebody will try to open or extract the files in archive it will ask for the password.

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