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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How To Protect Our Computer Form Keyloggers

 What Is A Keylogger?                  
                 Keylogging refers to simply recording each and every keystroke that is  typed on a specific computer’s keyboard. This is possible with the use of a small computer program called keylogger (also known as spy software). Once installed, this program will automatically load from the start-up, runs in the invisible mode and start capturing each and every keystroke that was typed on the computer. Some keyloggers with advanced features can also capture screenshots and monitor every activity of the computer.      
Access any online account or password protected material such as MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail.

Use a Good Antivirus
         This is the first and basic step that you need to take in order to protect your computer from keyloggers. Use a Good antivirus such as Kaspersky, Norton or Mcafee and update it regularly.
Use a Good Antispyware
           Since keyloggers are basically spywares, if you are a frequent user of Internet then you could be exposed to thousands of keyloggers and spywares. So you should use a good antispyware such as NoAdware
Antilogger can be Handy
            Antiloggers are programs that detect the presence of keyloggers on a given computer. Zemana Antilogger is the best antilogger.
Online Scanning
            When ever you receive a suspicious file, you scan it with online scanners such as Multi engine antivirus scanner which scans your file with 24 antivirus engines and reports it back to you if the file is recognized as a virus or spyware. This ensures that none of the malicious programs can escape from being detected as there are 24 different antivirus engines are involved in the scanning process.
            Keyscrambler is one of the best protection against keyloggers that you can have, Keyscrambler is a small program which encrypts your typed keystrokes so even if the victim has installed a keylogger on your system, he or she will get encrypted keys. Keyscrambler currently supports Firefox, Internet explorer and other applications, however its premium version supports more than 160 applications.


  1. I feared that I have keylogger installed in my computer.I think all your steps may helpful to get rid from that program.