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Monday, June 24, 2013

Add Our Own Image or Picture To MP3 File

     Hi readers now am posting a funny and interesting post that is adding an image or picture as you like.In general we can observe an image of a movie in mp3 files while we are playing them.So we can also chage the picture and change the mage of our own.By using "Mp3 tag" software we can do this.
  1. Click on Mp3Tag to download this software.
  2. Install/Run the software in your system.
  3. Select the folder where all mp3 files or song located by clicking "Add directory".
  4. Then all the song appere in the box then select the song for which you want to add the image/picture.And you can chage other attributes also.
  5. Click on "Extend songs" on top.
  6. Then popup will be opened in that click on "Add cover" icon located at right side.
  7. Then browse image and save it.
Now the result of your Mp3 file like following.

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