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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How the size of the data types will be allocated in C

                Hi friends you know the exact reason how the size is allocating  to the data types in C language. Some of the people may have the confusion that " Why the data type Int in C is allocating 4bytes in 64-bit operating systems also rather than 8 bytes?". Here is the reason for that.Hope it will help you. If any mistakes in this post please comment.

             Actually we know the allocation is based on the architecture of our operating system(ex:16,32,64-bit). And for an operating system there may be exist different data models(Ex: LP64, ILP64 and LLP64). But only one model is apt to the system hardware and software.64-bit Windows operations system in which LLP64 is the original data model. But for compatibility purposes the 64-bit Windows operations system supports execution of 32-bit programs which work in the mode of ILP32LL data model.